Sunday, June 26, 2016

Oh How I Love You China.

(Editing to add this post was supposed to publish last night - Sunday) 

Hey, China is hard. It's mentally draining. Getting anything done takes so long. It's easy to get exhausted. I'm not talking about folks in general. I'm talking about Mandarin-illiterate ones like us. You have to use your brain three times more than you would anywhere else. 
But China! Oh China is so beautiful. I missed the hustle and bustle. The people walking very quickly to and fro. I missed the beautiful, lush greenery; the gorgeous parks. Sure it is not ultra sleek and modern and tidy. But it's clean. And what amazes me every single time: the lack of graffiti. Ah I missed the people smiling. And when they try to help you with their little English and your nonexistent Mandarin - the giggles. I missed seeing the beautiful children. I truly missed the liveliness of the land and its people. I love it that we're here again. 
We were greeted by our seer guide Lee. We got in a van and drove about 45 minutes into the city. 
Lee helped us get checked in to the hotel then left. She reminded us to be ready at two p.m. 
After unpacking a bit, I took an awesome shower. It felt glorious my friend! Then we went to check out the small supermarket nearby and then we decided to go eat. Adventure time. But it was perfect. 


Tomorrow we will have our beloved daughter and much awaited little sister. We cannot wait. 

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