Saturday, June 4, 2016

All set to travel... (sort of)

Today I finalized all booking for hotel and airlines. It's starting to sink in that we're really going to get our little girl. It's surreal and anxiety inducing. I've been rather calm and patient all this time, especially knowing that our daughter is being cared for by a foster family. But now it's starting to hit me hard and I have a sense of urgency to go get her. But with that comes the huge realization that she will grieve their loss. I expect it. Of course. And I hope she does. This means that she has formed bonds of attachment with them. It's healthy. But it will be really hard knowing that we're taking our child away from all she knows and loves; all that's familiar to her. We're mere strangers to her. Everything about us is foreign. I hope and pray that she will know that we are family and forever.

We're planning to have a "Welcome Party" at the airport in Miami when we arrive. This will give our loved ones an opportunity to welcome Marli into our family/lives. If you would like to come, we would love it if you wore your "Raise a Superhero" t-shirt that we're selling. All proceeds from its sale will go towards the Orphanage donation fee. It'll be fun to see everyone supporting us. Those photos will be wonderful memories. If you'd like to purchase a tshirt, here's the link.

We only have a few days left on that campaign. They do ship internationally, so it does not matter where you are in the world. If you are not in Miami, please do take a selfie in your hero shirt and send it to us.

Thank you for following along. I will try to blog as much as I can in China so that you may follow along daily.
Much love...

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