Sunday, August 5, 2012

Summer Recap

Wow what day is it? I know it’s probably Monday, maybe 3 ish a.m. local time. Mila has been up since 1:50 a.m.  We went to dinner last night with the group of newcomer teachers, their families, and the principal and his family. It was really interesting but Little Miss Thing slept the whole time. I don’t know what kind of crazy schedule she’s on, but it’s no surprise that she’s way off. 
Let’s see… It all started with our spontaneous move. We got rid of 90% of the things we owned in the UAE. She watched all the items that made up her room, her home, her life… been taken away.  School ended and with that all the activities that she was used to. Not to mention her beloved friends and teachers.  Then we hop on a plane or 2 to get to Miami to see the family (Dubai – London – Miami). She was so excited and really looking forward to it. We were too. We were excited to meet the newest member of the family, my delicious nephew Stavros.  He’s tooo cute for words. I’m so proud of my brother. He’s such a good daddy. Mila enjoyed the baby’s company. She’s so funny. She got to hang out with her “twin cousin” and had a blast doing girl stuff.  My mom and dad had picked us up from the airport and then we surprised Mami and Papi (Abu and Leli).  Luis made sure that his grandma (Alela) knew so that she wouldn’t “estirar las patas” (stretch her legs, meaning croak of a heart attack). 
We spent the first week pretty much jet-lagged and seeing some family.  

Then… we had a surprise planned for her... Her Leli and Abu planned a weekend in Orlando so we can take her to Dis.ney Wo.r.ld. She had no idea what she was in for. She had so much fun and couldn’t believe she was in Mi.Ckey and Min.nie’s house.  She would cry every time a ride that she loved would end.  I think her all-time favorite was It’s a Small World. We really enjoyed the time there and got reminded of just how wonderful that place is. And how cool to look at our daughter’s little face as she took all of this in.

We were able to see a lot of friends and family, but of course, it’s nearly impossible to see everyone.  We had the joy to celebrate our 6-year anniversary the night before we left. Alela wanted to make sure we celebrated with them since we won’t be there. Tio David and Titi Mary made a delicious dinner and they got a cake.  It was also a farewell party of course. Just the family. Intimate and lovely.
As usual, little Miss got spoiled by our friends and family. Got gifts from everyone. She got the traditional Crocs from her auntie Jenny. Vovo’ and Sidoh spoiled her rotten also with many gifts and toys. Leli had bought her some beautiful dresses. Her “Beddy” and Jesse got her 2 beautiful winter coats for our next winter in our new “home”.  Really amazing and generous people.
We got to stay in our old apartment and it was really nice and weird at the same time. It’s as if nothing had happened (the past 3 years) and all of a sudden we have a 3 year old running around. Surreal.  My brother let us borrow his bikes and Luis bought a kid seat and would just take her around Surfside. She absolutely loved it. We went to the pool, the beach, the park, had a photoshoot. It was an amazing, rushed, crazy, awesome 3 weeks vacation.
And then… it was time to leave. And start the 24 hour trek back “home” to then just keep on going 2 days later to our new “home”.

To be continued…