Monday, July 4, 2011

Sleep patterns

We've had to rearrange the bed set-up. I think the bed was too big for lil Miss Thing and she had way too much space to roll around.  She's been settling down better lately. She still has a hard time containing herself but is much better.  For some reason she woke up around 3 times last night. She wanted for me to stay with her. Not easy. Needless to say, I'm exhausted today.  

We're getting closer to going home for the summer. We're excited but there's much to do still.  On top of that, we're thinking about moving. We found a great house (villa) and are waiting for a few answers before we fully decide on it.  I look forward to doing normal things during the summer. Things like going to the beach in a my normal attire without feeling out of place, going to the movies, going on a dinner date with my hubby.  We can do those things here too. Our amazing friend and next door neighbor, Lynne is great and will watch Mila any time. And I trust her so much.  But I think we just get so tired with our day to day that we don't really feel like doing things out of the norm.  I think that's a goal we need to have for next year and for the rest of the time we're here.  Besides, our new house will make all that easier. We'll also be able to have parties and bbq's.  Woo-hoo! We're so looking forward to it. To be able to walk outside in a tank-top and shorts. Ah the little things we take for granted :)  

Ok, I'll write more once something comes up.