Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Oooh Baby it's Cold...


I’ve only been in China for about 3 months and I have already experienced what feels like three different seasons. When we first arrived it was definitely summer.  Very hot and oh so humid. I hadn’t felt humidity like that in a long time. The tsunami hit nearby the first week we were here. So, lots of sun, clouds, rain. We’ve (as a society, not me, personally) gone from very, very, very  MICRO skirts/dresses/shorts to rain coats and umbrellas to long johns, scarves, gloves, heavy coats, boots.  I feel like we’ve already experienced summer, fall and winter. BUT it’s still autumn. I can only imagine what winter will be like. This season has hit us hard. It’s cold in our home. My loves have a hard time getting to and from the school bus stop. That ride on the scooter is a killer with to and fro harsh weather slapping their faces. To say hubby is discouraged is an understatement. So, we thought about it… and it’s either buy a car which is almost impossible for us while living in China. Or, move. So, we decided to move. Although we love our place and where we live, it is just not practical at all. We are planning to move to where some of the other expats live.  The bus drops them off right in front. It will make a huge difference when the weather really shows its might. Although it’s a 3 bedroom, the place is much smaller than our current one. Hey, it will make cleaning easier, I reckon.  It is still walking distance to the metro station and there’s a park right next to the condominium.  It will be much easier to take the dog for walks and play.  I will definitely miss the fantastic master suite that’s upstairs. But in all honesty, we rarely use it. I give it more use than anyone else in the family because I moved all my stuff to the wardrobe and just usually shower and get ready  there. There’s not much storage space in the new place. Think of it as a hotel suite. A 3 bedroom / 2 baths hotel suite. That’s exactly what it is. Complete with a front desk and bellboy cart. I guess the common areas are much fancier looking than where we are now. Oh well, the Munchkin has been asking to go sleep in the hotel lately. I don’t know what the deal is, but she wants to sleep in the hotel bed, and not her bed. I think that’s her way of saying she wants out of here. She might just get her wish. We went to see the new place with her and she was so excited. When we asked her if she wanted to live “here” she’d say “yeah! But Chloe is not here…” Chloe is her Weim. Like I say, and hate to admit it… home is where Chloe is. 

Can you say 'Hotel'??

Check out the toilet seat heater - score!

 Let's see... I hope everything works out for the best. Putting it in prayer.