Friday, September 30, 2011


Sept. 24, 2011

We've been home for a little over 3 weeks now. The first week was a loooong blur and groundhog day. We were so exhausted after everything we went through for 2 days just to get here. Poor Mila had a horrible time adjusting.
We were happy to get home. Wow everything looks so big when you're away for a while and come back. Our hallway looked 3 miles long.

While in Miami, Luis saw an ad in Niala News for an English teacher position at a nursery. Naturally, he wrote up my resume (in his own way) and sent it in. Well, the minute we arrived at Abu Dhabi Airport and turned the phone on, there was a message from the school manager asking to call her. Luis replied on my behalf saying that I'd call her in a few minutes after picking up our luggage. Uuuhhh, no luggage came of course. They were in Paris. Of course. Anyway, umm, I'm not in the mood to call this lady after the trip we've had. All I wanted was to get home and shower. And so I texted her letting her know that it would not be possible to call her until the next morning.
(to be continued...)

Sept. 16, 2011
Adventures in Miami Pt. 2

Lots happened in Miami. I will list them in no particular order:

*We were able to get most of the docs needed for the adoption.

*My brother Claudio and my sister-in-love Staby are expecting!!!:) YES I will be an auntie - finally.

*We went to dinner with Be and Jess at a yummy restaurant - yesss!!

*We went for margaritas next door at El Rancho Grande first.

*Mila's Summer Splash party was a success. We saw many friends and family. We loved it.

*Pablo got to Miami 3 days before the party. He spent a day with us. Nice to have him around.

*He surprised his fiance Eva at the party.

*Mila had a blast.

*I was in a zone. Don't even recall some moments. Why does that happen to me? Overwhelmed much?

*My mom decorated Mila's swimsuit that she wore for the party. Super cute.

*Mila got many gifts. That was so sweet of everyone.

*Some people thought it was a birthday party.

*Susana and Javier had us over for lunch - my mom was invited as she came to visit as we were leaving and actually came along. Yay! Alhamdulillah.

*Susana and Javier threw us a farewell party. :)

*Mami and Papi threw us a farewell party.  It was going to be at Felix's house but then it was decided to be held at Lela's house.

*All the dogs in the family attended - lol - including a bunny.

*Claudio and Staby came also.

*We never went to Disney.

*Part of the reason was because Luis crashed his dad's car.

*That completely threw us off financially and emotionally. Thank God it wasn't anything major and no one was hurt.

*We couldn't do the yard sale. Just couldn't.

*We hung out with Ziomy and Maddie at their house. Maria was there. We had yummy cafe con leche made with evaporated milk. YUM!

*Afterward, we went to my mom's house. She's already in Brazil at this point. Jenny, my dad, Grandpa, Marlina and Bina were waiting for us. It was nice to see them.

*Z and I hung out a couple of days before just the two of us. We met at the Grove. Went to Cheesecake Factory. Caipirinhas and appetizers. Love love love it.