Saturday, June 25, 2016

China, Here We Come

We are finally on our way to our girl. After years, months, weeks, days... we are finally on our way. On our way back to a land I have lived in. Back to a place where we had amazing experiences, made lifetime friends, and where I left a huge piece of my heart. I'm going back for it. Or at least some of it.
We are currently on a long layover in Doha, Qatar. In the craziness that life has been the past few months, we all overlooked just how long this layover would be. We booked our tickets through an agency that works with adoptive families and we were able to get humanitarian rates which included 3 bags each of us. We are not using that up, of course. But it's nice to have those perks. Our air tickets are through Qatar Air and I cannot say enough good things so far. Our flight from Dubai to Doha was all of 45 minutes. Yet, we had pillows and a meal. The airport is the coolest, most beautiful airport we've been to. Even compared to Dubai. I'm sure Dubai's aim is to create something similar. It is ultra modern, ultra clean and full of amenities. You feel like you're in a hotel/indoor town all at the same time. It's fabulous. We've been resting on colorful couches by the play area. The soccer match was just on in the TV area (Portugal won against Croatia). We will be leaving here soon. It's already past midnight for us so it's really Sunday morning already (June 26). We'll be flying Qatar all of our legs so I hope the awesome service continues. We will arrive Guangzhou at around 2:30 pm which is 2:30 am EST. We will rest a bit and explore our surroundings. I'm hoping we'll find the market to buy a few things. Then we will get some dinner and sleep and then it's Marli Day!!! WE ARE SO EXCITED!
One downer that I just found out is that Judy won't be our guide. Judy is the person that confirmed to us that Marli was our daughter by going to her home, spending the whole day with her and foster family and sending me a tons of videos. She also video chats with us so she can translate. I was hoping she'd be with us when we receive Marli so she wouldn't be as scared. Sigh. But, Judy assured me that Marli has been well prepared for her adoption and us, so here's hoping.
Thank you for following along. We'll try to post often.

Riding a cab from our home to the airport.
Poor kiddo, has been THIS excited the whole day. 

Dubai Int'l Airport

Boarding our plane from Dubai

Qatar Air

Doha airport totally ROCKS

This is where we set up camp. Mila has been sleeping for hours. 

Massive installation

Cool dinos

Sitting on a giant KitKat

Our last little outing as a family of 3. We went to see Finding Dory on Thursday afternoon to celebrate the last day of school. 

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  1. I dont know why,but I am in tears, of joy, just to read about all the upcoming excitement you are about to experience. God bless you guys for such beautiful gift of love you are all about to give to Marli.