Thursday, October 11, 2012

Team Ivy

I have been following a love story since it started. It is one of the most amazing love stories ever. It is a story about a tiny little heart baby. She is the teeniest, sweetest, cutest little thing I've ever seen; I call her Jellybean. This Jellybean's mommy came all the way to China to take her home. The mommy knew that sweet Ivy Joy had a heart condition before, but wanted her anyway. Love story. This little lovie had surgery soon after being home. Oh, I was right there, following, reading along. This mommy, Mary, is the most positive, wise, gentle, patient, loving person I have encountered in a long time. You should have seen the amazing way she handled unimaginable moments of stress and gut-wrenching moments of not knowing if your baby will make it. Open heart surgery, my friends... on a teeny tiny little person. Mary all the while maintained such grace. Grace throughout the whole process and beyond.  Little Ivy is so loved by her mommy, her big sister Lexi and their whole family and by so many people, strangers even, like myself.

Little Ivy is having open heart surgery again. That is not easy to swallow.  To go through it all again. And on top of it all, the financial aspect of it.  Their insurance is completely depleted after so many procedures that this precious Jellybean had to endure.  Please read her story...

 Follow along... Join Team Ivy Joy... Help in any way you can. Spread the word...


A fellow blogger set up this amazing way to help this wonderful family. Please click here  (or on that cute little pink bean on the right of my blog)to find out how.  Buy this gorgeous t-shirt and send me a picture of yourself wearing it. I'd love to see that!!!

Fall in love with this baby like I have. Become a part of Jellybean's story; an amazing love story.

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  1. she is the greatsest gift ever. I can't wait to get my shirt and put the button on my sidebar.