Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Around Town - Izumiya

The other day when I went to meet with Megan, I ventured out by myself. I took the metro to SIP, which is another side of town (where most expats live). I got off on the right station and took a cab to St@rbucks where I would meet her. Afterwards, I went to a market that sells many western products which you don't find in the local grocery stores.  Then, I did the same thing back home - cab, then metro. 

Today I did something different, again! I was pretty sure how to get there, but decided to take a cab just in case. I went to a mall/supermarket that was shown to us on one of the days that we were touring the city and getting to know our way around, but never went in. The name of the mall is Matro and it is beautiful. A friend had suggested I check out the Japanese supermarket, Izumiya, while we were having a funny/yucky conversation about supermarkets in China. So, I needed a couple of things today and decided to see for myself. And yup - it was the complete opposite of other markets in town. It was super neat and modern. So so so clean and shiny. It was organized. The staff was very helpful and friendly and well trained. I was so impressed. I was happy and actually found myself whistling through the aisles. Imagine a beautiful gourmet Japanese market, but the size of a supermarket (not a hypermarket though) and affordable too. The prices were very comparable to other markets'.  I had a lovely time. As I exited the market, I inadvertently wound up in the metro station. Score! For 3 Yuans, I took the beautiful metro 3 stops over to my street; walked 2 blocks and was home.

I'm starting to really like this place.

 The wines:

 I know, blurry... point and shoot on the iPhone trying not to get kicked out of the store ;)

 For Stella!


  1. How on earth did you find a nice super market? Now you know you are as good as a native there. It didn't smell funky or sell odd things that crawl out of their cages? I bow to thee. LOL
    I think you can now officially offer your services as a tour guide to families adopting.

    (thank you for the sweet comment on my blog)

    1. Dawn, LOL, that's exactly what my husband asked. No frogs swimming in tanks, or turtles, or crabs - just waiting to become dinner; no weird smells, no toddlers in split-pants peeing next to the vegetable stand, no employees yelling at each other across the detergent isles (they're just really having a conversation but sounds like a scrap to us). It is a sweet escapade. I plan on going there often even if it's just to buy eggs. Oh, and the sushi is cheaper than the one downstairs :)

  2. So great you brave woman! And to find a shopping place is always a great find. I'm glad you're enjoying China.- Donna C