Sunday, May 20, 2012

Chicken Pox and Other Ramblings

Our Munchkin finally caught the varicella virus. I knew it was a matter of time. There are so many kiddos in our school who have it. It started about two days ago. It doesn't seem to be too bad. I just put calamine lotion all over her after a shower. Anyway I hope it doesn't get worse. She's had a fever which I'm treating with Calpol - like Tylenol.

I'm preparing another adoption related post. It will be up soon.

This weekend we had a very special treat. We got to see and hang out with one of my favorite people ever. My dear friend Joe. He's a dj in Miami (the best in the world and I'm not being biased.) :) Well, apparently the whole world knows he's that good because he got booked to play in Dubai. Yay! I finally got to see him here, the other side of the world. Our amazing life- saver friend stayed with Mila while we ventured out. We never really go out here like this. But we had to, just had to. Gotta support our peeps. It was amazing, especially that it was shared with my hubby. Now it's the two of us who think highly of my friend ;)


  1. HAH! I found you.You hid this blog of yours very well!
    Hope your sweetie feels better soon.
    Glad you got a date night....they are so precious.

    1. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy you found me. I'll be in Miami in July. Maybe we can meet. :) I might have news that will please you somewhat. Can't talk about it yet. But soon. xoxo