Thursday, April 12, 2012


It is so hard to choose an agency! We were originally going with one which was very well recommended, but they're not currently accepting new applications. So, after months of communicating with them, we have to start searching again. It's hard because you do your research and some agencies get really nasty ratings. We don't know how to decipher what is accurate and what is just bad experience.
I communicated with a director of one agency last night. It was such a pleasant interaction. But, I can't get my hopes high just yet. I would love to hear personal opinions.


  1. I'm not sure what countries you are looking at. We've used FTIA - Families through International Adoption out of Indiana twice now and been very satisfied. Living in California we've done everything online with them and they located local agencies to do the homestudies. They can be checked out at We've also found from our experience with International adoptions, their costs were very fair. Will pray for guidance for you for the perfect agency that will lead you to the child God has specifically chosen for your family.

  2. For us we did not use any agency we went privately. We had already known an orphanage and had visited it. This made things very easy. If you are thinking of going through Uganda then I could get you some contacts for orphanages and orphanages that use agencies. Choosing an agency can be very difficult on your own. Pray long and hard and God will direct you to where he wants you. for us we knew it was right because we prayed long and hard and the doors just opened up. Fill free to contact me with any questions.Shawn

  3. Loved our small agency it's called ASIA.
    It's based in Portland, Oregon but I've seen people use them from all over. Each year they get about 30+ kids on their agency only website since they sponsor a different orphanage every year. They were so helpful during the whole process and never got tired of me emailing them or calling them. Their website is

  4. Thank you for your comments and advice. I'm looking into those options.