Sunday, June 26, 2011

Big Girl?

The little one has been very adamantly refusing to sleep or nap in her crib. We, on the other hand, have been milking crib sleep as much as possible. We know that we're going to get a little hallway wanderer otherwise.  Well, we haven't bought her a "big girl bed" just yet as we're planning on going away for the summer (and again, hesitating extra nightly wake-ups by a wandering little nugget).  So during her crib refusals, we've been just letting her fall asleep in the guest bed then we move her to her crib in her room. Today we had decided to change it up a bit. We moved the bed into her room. OH.MY.GOODNESS!!! She was completely in awe of the whole experience. Poor kid. She was so excited, she was doing flips. She couldn't stay still much less fall asleep. It took such a long while for her to finally unwind and finally let herself go into a nice sleep. Of course, this was after many visits from Mamae and Daddy and after Mamae finally gave in and stayed with her until she dozed off.

I know, we used just about every pillow we found.

Today we also heard her say "Daddy, wait!" for the first time. Her daddy was going to the car for a minute to get something. I suggested he take her so she can go outside a bit. He was opening the door and she heard him. In her desperation, she yelled out in her sweet, tiny voice "Daddy, wait!" We just looked at each other adoringly and laughed a little. Needless to say, I went along for the little walk with them and just smooched her a bunch of times.  She's at such a funny stage. Everyday she uses a new expression. I have to make it a point to write it all down.  

Well, that's it for mow. Hopefully the night will be uneventful and we'll get much needed rest. 
Good night. 

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